Have come, Indeed they have, and just as much like the ocean, may they ebb and may they flow

Uncle Ali Bids thee welcome

Welcome wanderer,traveler, lover of leaving, intrepid adventurer, brother,sister,
welcome to my home here on tumblr,

Welcome to my sanctuary


it is safe here.

Your name is Mohamad Ali Imran, But people (not really, it's just you) have affectionately dubbed you as "Uncle Ali", Whether it was simply sincerely out of dubious affection or other sincere if secretive means (it sounded good at the time, i imagine), it is a name you have come to accept and even cherish, good for you.

You are born in a land nestled deep in the misty alcoves of Asia, particularly the south-eastern side, the one with jungles, both concrete and the vegetative variety.
Your interests vary, but perhaps the safest hobby to pursue and safely state is to being happy and seeing your friends just as such.

You admire passion and fun, (even if you're not the one having it, and as for fun itself you tend to often drawn the line from time to time, contrasting your fun loving demeanor with something a bit more ironic) and old time values, such as honor and compassion, mercy and valiance (or maybe you just like those words because they are pretty big words.. with big meanings, wordy would even be the best description..)

Many thanks to my good friend,
Okina, the valium knight for making my picture, is nice

Has anyone seen a spider around here?
12,807 plays
Louis Armstrong

-What a wonderful world-

All credits be laid to rest at the feet of Louis Armstrong and his crew, Thanks for believing’, Mister Louis

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    I’ll be posting 2 versions of this song, back-to-back. First, the original. Gentle and filled with hope…I close my eyes...
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    "I hear babies cry, I watch them grow… they’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know…"
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